Service Center

Service commitment

1. Service enthusiasm, sincere attitude, for the sake of customers.

2. The consumer enjoys one year warranty from the date of purchase of the product.

3. From the date of purchase, the consumer could return the goods within 3 days if it is a product quality problem.

4. If there is a product quality problem within 7 days, you can exchange the product.

5. We open a hotline for you +86-757-29993071 & +86-013630172333 Welcome to consult and complain.

6. When you need us, just only need to call the local customer service center or the +86-757-29993071 service hotline at the headquarters, you will get fast and enthusiastic service.

7. We will feel your needs, listens to your thoughts, and absorbs your excellent suggestions!

Product warranty

1. Conscientiously implement the National Product Quality Law and the Consumer Rights Protection Law. Product Service Executive Country Latest Three Guarantees, and we will provide the enthusiasm, prompt and professional services for our customers.

2. We open a national consultation telephone (+86-013630172333) and after-sales service hotline (+86-757-29993071) to accept customer's consultation and complaints at any time.

3. The warranty period is one year for the machine. The product can be repaired free of charge during the warranty period.

4. Repair service for products outside the warranty period is charged according to relevant regulations.

5. For products outside the warranty period, the same quality problems of the main components will reappear within three months, and free maintenance will be implemented.

Product knowledge

How air cooler work

Air cooler use the aerodynamic principle and the large-diameter impeller is used to deliver strong air through the optimized air duct. 

First, the air will be sucked through the high-density dust-proof net of the air inlet. This process can absorb and filter out the dust, floats and clean the air for the first time.

Secondly, the negative ion generator starts to work, and the released negative ions will interact in the air. This process will simulate the lightning phenomenon in nature to kill the bacteria in the air and clean the air for the second time.

At the same time, the water pump will pump the clean water from the tank to the upper splitter, the water will spray through the water hole onto the green ice curtain. The water will pass through the ice curtain with more than 3,000 through the cellular spiral water channel. This process can evaporate quickly, and to absorb most of the heat in the air in an instant, and then finally to clean the air.